Quality insurance

Quality insurance
Raw materials compliance
The formulas are realised from active ingredients and additives of quality provided by reliable and trustworthily suppliers.
The water used in formulation is purified and demineralised by a sterile filtration at 0,2 micron (74 mesh). The water is then measured with standard physico-chemical water quality parameters.
Quality control
The products are tested at different steps of the manufacturing:
- The ingredients are monitored at the delivery to verify the good quality of them (visual and organoleptic parameters, technical data sheet)
- During the process, the ingredients are checked then weighted according to the technical specifications. At different steps of the process, we verify the organoleptic specifications, the homogenous aspect of the product and the physico-chemical controls (pH, conductivity, redox, dissolved substances...).
- Every batch is stocked by sampling to keep the finished product during the use-by date plus one year.
- A sample of the batch is sent to an accredited laboratory to test the silicon rate, the heavy metals rate and the microbiology analysis.
- A traceability system is setting up from the ingredients to the final products.
Quality date sheets
The products are delivered with a certificate of analysis, a technical data sheet, a materials and safety date sheet and a certificate of compliance according to your needs.
New formulations development
The laboratory has a research and development space to develop new formulas of organic silicon in food, feed and cosmetic applications.
Stability studies are conducted internally by accelerated ageing.
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